Guess the Character Answer

Guess the Character Answer

Author: ChemViews

Walter Hartwell White Sr., also known as “Heisenberg”, (*09/07/1959, †09/07/2011) is a fictional chemistry teacher, and later, a drug kingpin. He is the protagonist of the successful TV show Breaking Bad.

In the show’s universe, Walter White is a co-founder of “Grey Matter Technologies”, but withdraws from the company before it grows into a million-dollar business, a decision that leaves him a bitter man. He works as a chemistry teacher and cleans cars to make ends meet when he gets diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 50.

Determined to provide for his family in the event of his death, he uses his chemistry knowledge to manufacture and sell crystal meth. This financially very successful venture leads him into a world of crime and moral corruption which he cannot escape again.

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