Angewandte Chemie 38/2016: New Family Members

Angewandte Chemie 38/2016: New Family Members

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, J. J. Gooding and K. Gaus review challenges and opportunities for quantitative analysis with single-molecule sensors. In a Minireview, D. Wang et al. discuss failures of lithium–oxygen batteries through parasitic chemical reactions. The Highlight deals with deals with decarboxylative alkyl–alkyl cross-coupling reactions (M. O. Konev and E. R. Jarvo). The scientific and other achievements of Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail are presented in his Obituary by J. M. Thomas.

In the Communications section, K. R. Dunbar et al. introduce a new member of the heptacyanometallate family of anions (see picture). N. Z. Burns et al. present a unified approach for the enantioselective synthesis of the brominated chamigrene sesquiterpenes, and R. Riek et al. show how amyloid aggregates can arise from amino acid condensations under prebiotic conditions.


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