Intelligent Metal-Storage Nanocapsules

Intelligent Metal-Storage Nanocapsules

Author: Victoria Barton

Great things are in store for dendrimers. Dendrimers have a unique branched structure, which contains a nanosized space in the center for creating metal storage nanocapsules.

Yamamoto et al. have reported the synthesis of dendritic poly(phenylazomethine)s (DPAs) with dodecyl end groups (C12DPA). The dendrimers were synthesized by successive condensation reactions, resulting in higher generation dendrimers. These have more exposed alkyl groups on the surface which promotes self-assembly. A dynamic light scattering experiment revealed that the alkyl chains stretch outwards in aliphatic solvents suggesting that they enable environmental responsiveness.

Dodecyl-modified DPAs were synthesized up to the fourth generation dendrimer, which allows stepwise complexation with metals to form a stable DPA/metal complex. The complexes have the ability to transport metal salts to hydrophobic environments as a nanocapsule. With DPA as a template, the metal-organic hybrid material can be used for new electronic and/or biomimetic materials.

Images: (c) Wiley-VCH

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