Educational Action-packed Chemistry Videos

Educational Action-packed Chemistry Videos

Author: ChemistryViews

The Chemistry Calendar is a joint project between Molecular Frontiers, the Swedish universities Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, and the science center Universeum. Twelve original and inspiring videos, one for each month of the year, show how chemistry plays an important role in our lives. The topics of the monthly videos follow the themes recommended by the Swedish Chemical Society.

Brainstorming meetings were set up in four cities across Sweden, Stockholm, Lund, Umeå and Gothenburg, attended by participants from all parts of society. The top ten ideas from these meetings were identified, as well as the most frequently outspoken goals that the participants wanted to emphasis during the IYC.


  • January, Arts and culture (Spring opening of galleries)
  • February, Fashion (Fashion week)
  • March, Climate and energy
  • April, Chemical Industry (Financial reports are launched)
  • May, The chemistry of Love (It´s a bit later in the Nordic countries)
  • June, Water and air (Vacation time for schools starts)
  • July Sustainable development (Main vacation time in Sweden)
  • August The chemistry of Sports (WC of Athletics in South Corea)
  • September Communication (Computers, mobiles etc.)
  • October Health (Allergies, medicines)
  • November, Food (Natural vs.unnatural)
  • December, Alfred Nobel and the Nobel prizes

  • The videos are available free of charge on YouTube
    For each of the videos, there is downloadable teaching material, with facts and classroom experiments that can be used together with the video to make a fun lesson plan; these can be downloaded from the Molecular Frontiers’ website for young people, MoleClues.

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