One Step to Graphene Composites

One Step to Graphene Composites

Author: ChemistryViews

Graphene–metal nanocomposites typically have to be prepared by chemical or thermal reduction of mixtures of graphene or graphene oxide and metallic precursors. This involves highly toxic chemicals, high temperatures, and multiple steps.

Shenglian Luo and colleagues, Hunan University, China, have reported a one-step synthesis for graphene-metal nanocomposite films. They use a coelectrodeposition technique that regularly spaces metal nanoparticles between the graphene sheets. This results in improved conductivity and surface area of the graphene–metal composite film compared to the pure graphene film.

This technique is generally applicable and could lead to a range of graphene-based composites for use in electronics, supercapacitors, and sensors.

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