BASF Strengthens Its Water Treatment Business

BASF Strengthens Its Water Treatment Business

Author: ChemistryViews

BASF has signed an agreement with the investor group of inge watertechnologies AG to acquire the company and its ultrafiltration membrane business. The transaction, which is subject to approval by competent merger control authorities, is expected to close within the third quarter of 2011.

inge watertechnologies AG, Greifenberg (near Munich), Germany, employs about 85 staff and is a global leading provider of ultrafiltration technology. Ultrafiltration membrane technology is a low-pressure membrane technique used to separate particles and microorganisms from water. Driving market demand for this technology is the increasing need for reusing and recycling water, low footprint technology and better water quality for drinking water production as well as wastewater treatment before discharge.

With the acquisition of the water treatment business as part of the Ciba acquisition in 2009, BASF has become a leading supplier of organic flocculants and coagulants, which are key technologies for water treatment processes. BASF aims to strategically bundle the products and know-how relevant to the water treatment industry by creating a strong platform which will allow the business to profitably expand its market position further.

Image: inge’s Multibore® membrane (C) Inge watertechnologies AG

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