DSM to Focus on Health, Nutrition, And Life Sciences

DSM to Focus on Health, Nutrition, And Life Sciences

Author: ChemistryViews

DSM intends to focus its resources and capabilities entirely on the urgent societal and environmental challenges related to the way the world produces and consumes food. Sustainability and innovation are the key growth drivers of the long-term plan. DSM aims to reduce emissions from its operations by 50 % by 2030, rather than the previously announced 30 %.

The company is simplifying its operational structure and reorganizing its health, nutrition, and life sciences activities into three business groups. Each business group is to be more closely aligned with its respective customers and will be able to operate more efficiently and innovatively by integrating activities currently carried out by the DSM Innovation Center.

Food & Beverage Business Group: Combines the food, beverage, and pet food activities of the current DSM Food Specialties and DSM Nutritional Products businesses and represents sales of more than 1 billion euros. The portfolio includes, for example, EverSweet™, a natural zero-calorie sweetener, and CanolaPRO®, a plant-based alternative protein. It will also be home to the dairy-based flavorings from First Choice Ingredients, subject to regulatory approval of this recently announced acquisition.

Health, Nutrition & Care Business Group: has sales of approximately €2.5 billion and provides consumer solutions in early-life nutrition, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical nutrition, personal care, fragrances, biomedical materials, and nutritional improvement for the most vulnerable populations. These include, for example, ampli-D®, a vitamin D preparation, an extensive portfolio of algal lipids, and personalized nutrition initiatives such as Hologram Sciences, and Glycom, the world leader in HMO prebiotics.

Animal Nutrition & Health Business Group: has sales of more than €3 billion and focuses on specialty solutions for radical yet achievable change in the sustainability of animal protein production. Includes products such as vitamins and carotenoids, the recently acquired Erber Group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of eubiotics and a market leader in mycotoxin risk management, as well as methane inhibitor Bovaer®, fish oil algae alternative Veramaris, and data-driven decision support for farmers such as Sustell™ and for veterinarians and animal health practitioners such as Verax.

In the future, the Materials Business Group will be managed largely independently, and the global support functions will be realigned accordingly. DSM is currently reviewing strategic options for both Materials businesses, including a possible change of ownership.

DSM will report according to this new structure as of January 1, 2022.




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