Grow More With Less

Grow More With Less


Bayer and Netafim joined forces to develop “DripByDrip”, an approach where both water and crop protection are distributed throughout the fields via the drip irrigation system and then delivered directly to the roots of the crops. It will enable farmers to apply crop protection products in a more targeted, easy, and safe way. Farmers will need less water and crop protection products and drip irrigation is less work intensive. Drip irrigation also helps prevent nitrate leaching into ground water, which becomes a serious hazard in agricultural regions that are using overdoses of nitrogen.

Bayer and Netafim have conducted trials in Chile, Israel, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, and Brazil on peppers, tomatoes, melons, and grapes. The test results showed that yields increased and net revenues rose due to improved quality, and a reduced number of applications.

Currently, the system focuses on fruit and vegetable producers in all arid and semi-arid regions of the world. After the joint market launch in Mexico by the end of 2017, both companies are working towards expanding the system and customizing it to more countries, crops, pest and diseases.

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