Compound Search℠

Compound Search℠

Author: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Compound Search℠ is a free service enabling researchers to verify compound coverage in databases and spectral libraries published by Wiley and Wiley-VCH. Initial coverage includes five mass spectral libraries, but will be expanded to include NMR, FT-IR, reactions, and LC-MS/MS. The service is fast, free, and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Compound Search enables users to perform text searches (name, synonym, InChI, InChI key, mass, formula) and structure searches (desktop only). Chemical names include standardized names as well as common or “street” names – for example, if searching for “snow” on Compound Search, gets results for an illegal drug with the street name “snow”. The same compound could also be found using a systematic name, its exact molecular weight, its InChI (International Chemical Identifier), its InChI Key (a shorter version of the InChI), or its molecular formula (Hill sorted). The same compound could also be found by drawing its structure.

In an effort to provide speed and accuracy, Compound Search structure search provides identity searching, but does not include substructure searching. To access Compound Search, bookmark on desktop and mobile browsers.

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