Sustainable Agriculture of the Future

Sustainable Agriculture of the Future


Bayer’s global ForwardFarming initiative expands network to North America with the launch of its first farm in the US located outside Washington, D.C., in Rock Hall, Maryland. In partnership with currently twelve independent farmers around the world, the company aims to show how modern agriculture goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social responsibility. With their Forward Farming initiative, they hope to create opportunities for demonstration and an open dialogue with various stakeholders around the world which they think is key to understand different views, addressing concerns, and identifying opportunities to work together on sustainable solutions.

Each farm is unique in the crops it grows, the land it farms, and the community it serves. The Harborview Farm in the US produces high-quality grains like corn, soybeans, and wheat. Their management practices include GPS-guided precision technology to help manage inputs, extensive cover crop planting to limit erosion and enhance soil fertility, and solar panels to power much of the farm’s operations.


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