First Online Shopping Portal for Protein Engineering

First Online Shopping Portal for Protein Engineering

Author: ChemistryViews

Tierra Biosciences has launched the Tierra Protein Platform, an industry-first eCommerce portal, that enables customers to get custom proteins synthesized, validated, and shipped to them. The platform offers a faster and more convenient solution than traditional methods for sourcing proteins for research and development.

The Tierra Protein Platform is designed to provide anyone with convenient access to a wide range of proteins – including those that cannot be produced in common laboratory cells. The company believes this will significantly lower the barrier to entry for protein synthesis, supporting researchers and advancing synthetic biology.

Customers can enter up to 10,000 digital protein sequences into the company’s easy-to-use online portal. Tierra’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) system then analyzes the inputs to determine if the proteins contain regions that are incompatible with the manufacturing system. The company then synthesizes the final proteins in a cell-free manufacturing process. The proteins are shipped after extensive quality control and experimental validation. Taking the protein synthesis elements out of living bacteria eliminates the dependence on these organisms, and significantly increases efficiency and throughput, the company says.




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