2017 Impact Factors: Multidisciplinary Chemistry

2017 Impact Factors: Multidisciplinary Chemistry

Author: ChemistryViews.org & Wiley

Multidisciplinary Chemistry


Advanced Materials

Impact Factor 2017: 21.950

Top cited article:
Wenchao Zhao, Deping Qian, Shaoqing Zhang, Sunsun Li, Olle Inganäs, Feng Gao, Jianhui Hou
Fullerene‐Free Polymer Solar Cells with over 11% Efficiency and Excellent Thermal Stability

Advanced Science

Impact Factor 2017: 12.441

Top cited article:
Xin‐Bing Cheng, Rui Zhang, Chen‐Zi Zhao, Fei Wei, Ji‐Guang Zhang, Qiang Zhang
A Review of Solid Electrolyte Interphases on Lithium Metal Anode

Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Impact Factor 2017: 12.102

Top cited article:
Dr. Dipan Kundu, Elahe Talaie, Dr. Victor Duffort, Prof. Linda F. Nazar
The Emerging Chemistry of Sodium Ion Batteries for Electrochemical Energy Storage


Impact Factor 2017: 9.598

Top cited article:
Xin Ting Zheng, Arundithi Ananthanarayanan, Kathy Qian Luo, Peng Chen
Glowing Graphene Quantum Dots and Carbon Dots: Properties, Syntheses, and Biological Applications


Impact Factor 2017: 7.411

Top cited article:
Dr. Bing Yu, Prof. Dr. Liang‐Nian He
Upgrading Carbon Dioxide by Incorporation into Heterocycles

Chemistry – A European Journal

Impact Factor 2017: 5.160

Top cited article:
Dr. Lars Borchardt, Dr. Martin Oschatz, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaskel
Carbon Materials for Lithium Sulfur Batteries—Ten Critical Questions

The Chemical Record

Impact Factor 2017: 4.891

Top cited article:
Antonio Bauzá, Tiddo J. Mooibroek, Antonio Frontera
Tetrel Bonding Interactions

Advanced Materials Interfaces

Impact Factor 2017: 4.834

Top cited article:
Yuichi Kato, Luis K. Ono, Michael V. Lee, Shenghao Wang, Sonia R. Raga, Yabing Qi
Silver Iodide Formation in Methyl Ammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells with Silver Top Electrodes


Impact Factor 2017: 3.933

Top cited article:
Tim Mueller, Aaron Gilad Kusne, Rampi Ramprasad
Machine Learning in Materials Science: Recent Progress and Emerging Applications

Chemistry – An Asian Journal

Impact Factor 2017: 3.692

Top cited article:
Dr. Jun Xu, Dr. Chao Shen, Dr. Xiaolei Zhu, Prof. Pengfei Zhang, Dr. Manjaly J. Ajitha, Prof. Kuo‐Wei Huang, Dr. Zhongfu An, Prof. Xiaogang Liu
Remote C−H Activation of Quinolines through Copper‐Catalyzed Radical Cross‐Coupling

Journal of Computational Chemistry

Impact Factor 2017: 3.221

Top cited article:
Francesco Aquilante, Jochen Autschbach, Rebecca K. Carlson, et al.
Molcas 8: New capabilities for multiconfigurational quantum chemical calculations across the periodic table


Impact Factor 2017: 3.205

Top cited article:
Dr. Fei‐Yan Yi, Dongxiao Chen, Meng‐Ke Wu, Prof. Lei Han, Prof. Hai‐Long Jiang
Chemical Sensors Based on Metal–Organic Frameworks


Impact Factor 2017: 2.801

Top cited article:
Dr. Félix Sancenón, Lluís Pascual, Mar Oroval, Dr. Elena Aznar, Prof. Ramón Martínez‐Máñez
Gated Silica Mesoporous Materials in Sensing Applications

Israel Journal of Chemistry

Impact Factor 2017: 2.607

Top cited article:
Clement Bommier, Xiulei Ji
Recent Development on Anodes for Na‐Ion Batteries

Chinese Journal of Chemistry

Impact Factor 2017: 2.378

Top cited article:
Hélène Chachignon, Dominique Cahard
State‐of‐the‐Art in Electrophilic Trifluoromethylthiolation Reagents

Archiv der Pharmazie

Impact Factor 2017: 2.288

Top cited article:
Kadir Aksu, Fevzi Topal, İlhami Gulcin, Ferhan Tümer, Süleyman Göksu
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities of Novel Symmetric Sulfamides Derived from Phenethylamines

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

Impact Factor 2017: 1.776

Top cited article:
Laura Castañar, Teodor Parella
Broadband 1H homodecoupled NMR experiments: recent developments, methods and applications

Chemistry & Biodiversity

Impact Factor 2017: 1.617

Top cited article:
Nora K. N. Neumann, Norbert Stoppacher, Susanne Zeilinger, Thomas Degenkolb, Hans Brückner, Rainer Schuhmacher
The Peptaibiotics Database – A Comprehensive Online Resource


Impact Factor 2017: 1,505

Top cited article:
Dr. Yang Song, Dr. Rui Peng, Dale K. Hensley, Dr. Peter V. Bonnesen, Dr. Liangbo Liang, Dr. Zili Wu, Dr. Harry M. Meyer III, Dr. Miaofang Chi, Dr. Cheng Ma, Dr. Bobby G. Sumpter, Dr. Adam J. Rondinone
High‐Selectivity Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Ethanol using a Copper Nanoparticle/N‐Doped Graphene Electrode

Helvetica Chimica Acta

Impact Factor 2017: 1.081

Top cited article:
Grzegorz Mlostoń, Katarzyna Urbaniak, Anthony Linden, Heinz Heimgartner
Selenophen‐2‐yl‐Substituted Thiocarbonyl Ylides – at the Borderline of Dipolar and Biradical Reactivity

Chemie in unserer Zeit

Impact Factor 2017: 0.529

Top cited article:
Dr. Peter Bieker, Prof. Martin Winter
Lithium‐Ionen‐Technologie und was danach kommen könnte: Hochenergieakkumulatoren. Teil 2 von 2






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