2017 Impact Factors: Analytical Chemistry

2017 Impact Factors: Analytical Chemistry

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Analytical Chemistry


Drug Testing and Analysis

Impact Factor 2017: 2.993

Top cited article:
Piotr Adamowicz, Joanna Gieroń, Dominika Gil, Wojciech Lechowicz, Agnieszka Skulska, Bogdan Tokarczyk
The prevalence of new psychoactive substances in biological material – a three‐year review of casework in Poland


Impact Factor 2017: 2.569

Top cited article:
Michael C. Breadmore, Ria Marni Tubaon, Aliaa I. Shallan, Sui Ching Phung, Aemi S. Abdul Keyon, Daniel Gstoettenmayr, Pornpan Prapatpong, Ala A. Alhusban, Leila Ranjbar, Hong Heng See, Mohamed Dawod, Joselito P. Quirino
Recent advances in enhancing the sensitivity of electrophoresis and electrochromatography in capillaries and microchips (2012–2014)

Phytochemical Analysis

Impact Factor 2017: 2.337

Top cited article:
Danijela Mišić, Branislav Šiler, Uroš Gašić, Stevan Avramov, Suzana Živković, Jasmina Nestorović Živković, Milica Milutinović, Živoslav Tešić
Simultaneous UHPLC/DAD/(+/−)HESI–MS/MS Analysis of Phenolic Acids and Nepetalactones in Methanol Extracts of Nepeta Species: A Possible Application in Chemotaxonomic Studies

Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Impact Factor 2017: 2.112

Top cited article:
Alain Beck, François Debaene, Hélène Diemer, Elsa Wagner‐Rousset, Olivier Colas, Alain Van Dorsselaer, Sarah Cianférani
Cutting‐edge mass spectrometry characterization of originator, biosimilar and biobetter antibodies

Journal of Peptide Science

Impact Factor 2017: 1.969

Top cited article:
Raymond Behrendt, Peter White, John Offer
Advances in Fmoc solid‐phase peptide synthesis


Impact Factor 2017: 1.833

Top cited article:
Gennaro Pescitelli, Torsten Bruhn
Good Computational Practice in the Assignment of Absolute Configurations by TDDFT Calculations of ECD Spectra

Biomedical Chromatography

Impact Factor 2017: 1.688

Top cited article:
Congcong Wen, Shuanghu Wang, Xueli Huang, Zezheng Liu, Yingying Lin, Suping Yang, Jianshe Ma, Yunfang Zhou, Xianqin Wang
Determination and validation of hupehenine in rat plasma by UPLC‐MS/MS and its application to pharmacokinetic study


Impact Factor 2017: 1.545

Top cited article:
J. Fernández‐Hernandez, D. González‐Aguilera, P. Rodríguez‐Gonzálvez, J. Mancera‐Taboada
Image‐Based Modelling from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry: An Effective, Low‐Cost Tool for Archaeological Applications

Journal of Chemometrics

Impact Factor 2017: 1.500

Top cited article:
Mireia Farrés, Stefan Platikanov, Stefan Tsakovski, Romà Tauler
Comparison of the variable importance in projection (VIP) and of the selectivity ratio (SR) methods for variable selection and interpretation

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals

Impact Factor 2017: 1.423

Top cited article:
M.H. Sanad, Kh.M. Sallam, F.A. Marzook, S.M. Abd‐Elhaliem
Radioiodination and biological evaluation of candesartan as a tracer for cardiovascular disorder detection


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