2017 Impact Factors: Energy & Fuels

2017 Impact Factors: Energy & Fuels

Author: ChemistryViews.org & Wiley

Energy & Fuels


Advanced Energy Materials

Impact Factor 2017: 21.875

Top cited article:
Bert Conings, Jeroen Drijkoningen, Nicolas Gauquelin, Aslihan Babayigit, Jan D’Haen, Lien D’Olieslaeger, Anitha Ethirajan, Jo Verbeeck, Jean Manca, Edoardo Mosconi, Filippo De Angelis, Hans‐Gerd Boyen
Intrinsic Thermal Instability of Methylammonium Lead Trihalide Perovskite

Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications

Impact Factor 2017: 6.456

Top cited article:
Martin A. Green, Keith Emery, Yoshihiro Hishikawa, Wilhelm Warta, Ewan D. Dunlop
Solar cell efficiency tables (version 48)

GCB Bioenergy

Impact Factor 2017: 5.415

Top cited article:
Jinyang Wang, Zhengqin Xiong, Yakov Kuzyakov
Biochar stability in soil: meta‐analysis of decomposition and priming effects

Energy Science & Engineering

Impact Factor 2017: 3.553

Top cited article:
Da Deng
Li‐ion batteries: basics, progress, and challenges

Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining

Impact Factor 2017: 3.376

Top cited article:
Sierk de Jong, Ric Hoefnagels, André Faaij, Raphael Slade, Rebecca Mawhood, Martin Junginger
The feasibility of short‐term production strategies for renewable jet fuels – a comprehensive techno‐economic comparison

Energy Technology

Impact Factor 2017: 3.175

Top cited article:
Xiong Li, Manuel Tschumi, Prof. Hongwei Han, Saeed Salem Babkair, Raysah Ali Alzubaydi, Azhar Ahmad Ansari, Sami S. Habib, Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin, Shaik M. Zakeeruddin, Prof. Dr. Michael Grätzel
Outdoor Performance and Stability under Elevated Temperatures and Long‐Term Light Soaking of Triple‐Layer Mesoporous Perovskite Photovoltaics

International Journal of Energy Research

Impact Factor 2017: 3.009

Top cited article:
Ibrahim Dincer, Canan Acar
A review on clean energy solutions for better sustainability

Wind Energy

Impact Factor 2017: 2.938

Top cited article:
P. M. O. Gebraad, F. W. Teeuwisse, J. W. van Wingerden, P. A. Fleming, S. D. Ruben, J. R. Marden, L. Y. Pao
Wind plant power optimization through yaw control using a parametric model for wake effects—a CFD simulation study

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment

Impact Factor 2017: 2.514

Top cited article:
Christopher L. Muhich, Brian D. Ehrhart, Ibraheam Al‐Shankiti, Barbara J. Ward, Charles B. Musgrave, Alan W. Weimer
A review and perspective of efficient hydrogen generation via solar thermal water splitting

Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology

Impact Factor 2017: 1.991

Top cited article:
An‐Hua Liu, Bing Yu, Liang‐Nian He
Catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to carboxylic acid derivatives


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