Beijing Declaration on Basic Science Signed

Beijing Declaration on Basic Science Signed

Author: (Photo: © Yang Tian Peng)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina have made a common pledge to promote the development of science and basic research. Chunli Bai, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Jörg Hacker, President of Leopoldina, have signed the Beijing Declaration on Basic Science on September 9, 2019, at the inaugural “Science for Future: All Starts with Basic Research” conference in Beijing, China. The two academies stress the importance of basic research as the driver of true innovation and progress.

According to the declaration, the academies aim to be bridges between science and society and promote the value and significance of science and basic research in the public. They will organize further “Science for Future” activities to promote academic exchange and the growth of young scientists. In addition, they want to strengthen the mutual trust, consensus, and cooperation between the two academies and establish a knowledge-based, robust fundament for further scientific development in the international community.


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