More Sustainable Aviation

More Sustainable Aviation


Neste and Lufthansa strengthen their collaboration and Lufthansa will use Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel, blended with fossil jet fuel, on flights departing from Frankfurt.

Collaboration between Neste and Lufthansa began in 2011, when Lufthansa successfully tested Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel on a total of 1,187 flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg for about six months. According to the companies, Lufthansa was the first airline to test alternative fuel in regular flight operations.

The aviation industry accounts for approximately 3 % of global man-made CO2 emissions. Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel is produced from renewable waste and residue raw materials. Over the lifecycle including the impact of logistics, sustainable aviation fuel has up to 80 % smaller carbon footprint compared to fossil jet fuel. It is fully compatible with the existing jet engine technology and fuel distribution infrastructure when blended with fossil jet fuel.


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