Renewable Raw Materials for Plastics Production

Renewable Raw Materials for Plastics Production


Neste and Covestro are starting a strategic cooperation in Europe to promote the use of sustainable raw materials in plastics production. Neste will supply Covestro with material from renewable sources to replace several thousand tons of the fossil raw materials used to date in the manufacture of polycarbonates. This type of high-performance plastic is used, for example, in car headlamps, LED lights, electronic and medical devices, and automotive glazing.

Neste produces renewable hydrocarbons entirely from renewable raw materials, such as waste, residue oils, and fats. The raw materials are suitable for existing production infrastructures. This means Covestro can produce more sustainable products with consistently high quality using their existing processes.

In the future, both companies intend to expand the scope of their partnership, also concerning other types of polymers. At the same time, they are inviting other stakeholders along the value chains to cooperate.





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