Customers Receive Total Values of CO2 Emissions

Customers Receive Total Values of CO2 Emissions

Author: ChemistryViews

BASF will provide its customers with total values of CO2 emissions, so-called “carbon footprints”, for all its products. The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) comprises all product-related greenhouse gas emissions that occur from the purchased raw material until the product leaves the factory gates. This transparency aims to support customers with reliable data so that they can achieve their climate goals and develop plans together with BASF to reduce CO2 emissions along the value chain.

The PCF calculation is based on data from the collection of emissions in the companies own production network and on average data for purchased raw materials and energy. The methodology follows general standards for life cycle analysis such as ISO 14044 and ISO 14067, as well as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard.

The company will start with selected product and customer segments in the coming months and plans to provide PCF data for the entire portfolio, approximately 45,000 sales products, by the end of 2021. BASF is working with various partners to introduce product-specific guidelines for the calculation of PCFs in the chemical industry to create an industry-wide level playing field and comparability for products.

BASF has set itself the goal of keeping production-related emissions constant until 2030 despite further growth. BASF is pursuing a three-pronged approach consisting of increasing its production and process efficiency, purchasing electricity from renewable sources, and developing fundamentally new and low-emission processes.





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