Merck Presents Sustainability Strategy

Merck Presents Sustainability Strategy

Author: ChemistryViews

Merck is integrating sustainability more strongly as an essential component of its corporate strategy by pursuing three specific goals, which are reflected in a total of seven focus areas.

Goal 1: In 2030, Merck will achieve human progress for more than one billion people through sustainable science and technology.
Focus areas:
• Sustainable innovations and technologies for customers of Merck
• Impact of technologies and products of Merck on health and well-being

Goal 2: By 2030, the company will integrate sustainability into all its value chains.
Focus areas:
• Sustainability culture and values
• Sustainable and transparent supply chain
• Securing the company’s social license to operate in all regions

Goal 3: By 2040, Merck will achieve climate neutrality and reduce its resource consumption.
Focus areas:
• Climate change and emissions
• Water and resource intensity

By focusing on these topics, Merck wants to contribute to achieving the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development. The topic of sustainability should be integrated into the business strategies and taken into account in business decisions. In addition, the company plans to link the variable compensation of the Executive Board and senior management to the progress made in achieving the sustainability goals, and to report annually on the current status of the implementation of its sustainability strategy.



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