Coronavirus-Killing Antiviral Surface Coating

Coronavirus-Killing Antiviral Surface Coating

Author: ChemistryViews

CodiKoat’s antiviral surface coating technology (GoVirol) has received ISO 21702:2019 certification. This confirms its efficacy in inactivating the coronavirus. According to the company, it is the world’s fastest antiviral coronavirus protection of its kind.

The GoVirol acetate film coating combines electrochemistry and nanotechnology. It kills 90 % of human coronavirus particles within 2 seconds of contact time and was more than 99 % effective within just 10 seconds. The coating also provides similarly strong protection against all other microbes, bacteria, and fungi. According to the company, its development represents a significant improvement over conventional technologies, including silver-based protections, which take hours to produce a noticeable antimicrobial effect.

The coating can be applied to any material, whether it is hard or soft, rough or smooth. This coating can be applied retrospectively or tuned at the atomic level and integrated into product manufacturing. The protection lasts throughout the lifetime of the product, the company says. Existing technologies typically last 30 to 60 days.

The technology will have the most impact when used on surfaces that are heavily used and touched by many people. Potential applications range from healthcare to retail and hospitality to mobile devices. Pilot projects are already underway with partners, including the Royal Opera House in London and office buildings managed by Savills.

In addition to the GoVirol coating, CodiKoat is developing several antiviral solutions. The company is testing an antiviral face mask and developing CodiVent, an air filtration system that destroys harmful airborne pollutants and airborne viruses and bacteria captured in the filter.




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