European Commission Approved Three GE Crops

European Commission Approved Three GE Crops

Author: ChemistryViews

The European Commission (EC) approved three genetically engineered (GE) crops (soybean, rapeseed, and cotton) and renewed the authorization for a cotton crop for food and animal feed imports.

GM oilseed rape 73496, GM cotton GHB811, and GM soybeans GMB151 are all modified for herbicide tolerance. All three have gone through a comprehensive and stringent procedure, including a favorable risk assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The authorization for the three crops and the renewal for GM herbicide cotton GHB614 are valid for ten years and do not include cultivation.

In its scientific opinions, EFSA concluded that the three GM crops are as safe as their conventional counterparts and the non-GM reference varieties tested in terms of potential effects on human and animal health and the environment. Consumption of the three crops does not raise any nutritional concerns for humans or animals.

The only commercial GM crop currently grown in the EU is Bt maize (MON 810), resistant to the European corn borer. In addition, there are almost 60 GM crops approved for use which are freely bought and sold across the EU.


Published in the Official Journal of the European Union










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