Efficient Ozone Generators for Water Treatment

Efficient Ozone Generators for Water Treatment

Author: ChemViews

Water treatment with ozone is highly effective and harmless to the environment compared with chemical treatments such as chlorine. Based on a patented new method to generate ozone in high concentrations, Primozone manufactured ozone generators that are more efficient in water treatment and have much lower energy consumption.

The generators use an improved version of the cold plasma method, or dielectric barrier discharge method, to produce ozone. This enables a more efficient creation of free oxygen radicals, which in turn makes it possible to create ozone with higher concentrations.
The generators produce between 100 and 900 g O3/h, with an ozone concentration of ≥ 300 g O3/Nm3O2, or 20 % by weight. The high ozone concentration results in greatly improved efficiency in dissolving the ozone gas in the water, and a sharply reduced oxygen and energy consumption. They use 70 % less energy than other ozone generators on the market.

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