Partnership for Renewable, Phthalate-free Plasticizers

Partnership for Renewable, Phthalate-free Plasticizers

Author: ChemistryViews

LANXESS and BioAmber have partnered to develop succinic acid based plasticizers that are both renewable and phthalate-free from 2012 onwards. Under the terms of their joint development agreement, they are developing a portfolio of renewable succinic-based plasticizers that can exceed the performance of phthalates at competitive prices.

BioAmber produces succinic acid through the fermentation of renewable raw materials, a process developed by the company. BioAmber manufactures bio-based succinic acid in Pomacle, France, at a plant with 3,000 metric tons of capacity per year. It will add a further 17,000 metric tons of capacity from 2013 with a new facility to be built in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, at LANXESS’ site there.

As a market leader in the field of phthalate-free plasticizers, LANXESS has large capacities, expertise in production, and a global distribution network.

The global market for phthalate-free plasticizers is currently estimated at EUR 1.3 billion – with annual growth rates of around 7 %.

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