Biggest Biofuel Pilot Plant

Biggest Biofuel Pilot Plant

Author: ChemistryViews

Clariant inaugurated Germany’s biggest pilot plant for the production of climate-friendly cellulose ethanol from agricultural waste. Located in Straubing, Bavaria, encompassing approximately 2,500 m², the project will produce up to 1,000 t of cellulose ethanol from around 4,500 t of wheat straw based on the sunliquid® technology developed by Clariant. It represents an investment of around 28 million euros.

Studies show that Germany potentially has around 22 million t of straw that could be used for energy production without compromising essential soil regeneration. This would be sufficient to cover around 25 % of Germany’s current gasoline requirements.

The project is supported by the Bavarian government and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

Image: © Clariant

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