First Large Scale Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)

First Large Scale Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)

Author: ChemistryViews

Underground injection of CO2 recovered from emissions from a coal-fired power generation plant has begun as a carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) demonstration project. The project, jointly under way by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Southern Company, a major U.S. electric utility, is the first integrated CCS project for flue gas from a coal-fired power plant – which contains significant quantities of impurity – on a scale of 500 metric tons per day (mtpd).

By a CO2 capture facility, CO2 is captured from the flue gas of a coal-fired plant. The CO2 is captured and compressed at a depth of 3,000–3,400 m in the Citronelle Dome geologic structure, a saline formation. It is approximately 12 miles west from the Southern Company’s Plant Barry, Alabama, USA.
The volume of CO2 injection has been progressively expanded and now reached the full-scale target of 500 mtpd.

MHI is responsible for basic planning, engineering, core equipment supply, and provision of technology support during the demonstration operation in CO2 recovery and compression.

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