Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) Plant in Mongolia

Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) Plant in Mongolia

Author: ChemistryViews

A new substitute natural gas (SNG) plant was successfully started in Keshiketeng County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The plant is owned and operated by Datang Energy Chemical Co., a unit of the state-owned power producer China Datang Corp. It uses Davy’s SNG process technology in conjunction with Johnson Matthey’s purification and methanation catalysts to convert coal derived synthesis gas into SNG, essentially methane. This will be transported via a new gas pipeline to Beijing. The plant capacity is 4,000,000 Nm3/d.

It is one of three plants Datang is building at Keshiketeng, giving an overall site capacity of 12,000,000 Nm3/d. The second plant is in the detailed engineering phase and the third plant is in the final stages of approval. The plant is one of six SNG plants that Davy and Johnson Matthey have licensed to China, and the first to start-up and produce gas.

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