Chinese Enter Shale Gas Market

Chinese Enter Shale Gas Market


The world’s second largest coal company, the state-owned China Shenhua Energy Co., is planning a joint venture with a U.S. subsidiary and a private Pennsylvania natural gas producer to drill 25 natural gas wells in Greene County, PA, USA. This $146 million project is expected to produce 3.8 billion m³ of gas within 30 years.

According to China Daily, this is the company’s first foreign venture into shale gas. China Shenhua said it aims to learn about shale gas drilling to bring the technology back home. Chinese officials have set the ambitious goal to produce 80 billion m³ of gas by 2020.

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  • News: Shale Oil Worldwide,, 10 December 2012.

    US and Canada seem to remain the main countries to take economic advantage of shale development for some time

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