Electric Results in Drug Delivery

Electric Results in Drug Delivery

Author: Melania Tesio

Graphene oxide (GO), a two-dimensional nanomaterial constituted by a carbon lattice structure, has important applications for drug delivery. Owing to the presence of functional carboxy and hydroxy reactive groups, GO can be conjugated with different systems, such as therapeutic biomolecules. Moreover, it is biocompatible and it can be easily loaded with aromatic drug compounds. The release of therapeutic molecules from GO, however, is not optimal as it occurs through passive and, thus, not controlled mechanisms.

Xinyan Tracy Cui, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA and co-workers loaded GO nanosheets with dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory drug, and deposited them into a conducting polymer scaffold made of poly(pyrrole). In this way, the scientists obtained a highly stable composite film that releases dexamethasone in response to electric stimulations. Once released, the drug retained its biological activity, thus suggesting that the novel GO nanocomposite delivery platform could be an important tool to release drugs on demand.

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