Clothing Warns About Hazards

Clothing Warns About Hazards


Sabine Trupp and colleagues, Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies (EMFT), Regensburg, Germany, equipped protective clothing with sensor dyes which change color in case of contact with hazardous substances. The intensity of the color change is dependent on the concentration of the toxic substance.
For example by changing the receptor groups of the dye, the scientists can adapt the materials according to the substances that should be detected. Based on this, the team can tune the clothing according to the customer needs.

Currently the applications focus only on protective clothing. However, future applications such as coatings equipped with sensor dyes to help detect leakages in gas pipes or canisters or packaging foils or bottle caps equipped to monitor the state of freshness of food are thinkable.

In 2012 the team presented a sensor glove as a shoow case at the Sensor & Test fair, now they will exhibit advances at the Analytica.

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