Energy Drinks? Without Alcohol, Please

Energy Drinks? Without Alcohol, Please

Author: Melania Tesio

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is becoming a very popular practice among young adults. According to Rebecca McKetin and Alice Coen, The Australian National University, Canberra, this behavior poses serious concerns.

The researchers asked 75 young adults to drink either a cocktail containing vodka and a Red Bull energy drink or a cocktail containing vodka and soda water. Next, the scientists subjected the participants to a questionnaire (Alcohol urge questionnaire) testing the need for drinking. By analyzing the answers to this questionnaire, the researchers discovered that the individuals who consumed the first cocktail had a stronger desire to drink more alcohol as compared to people who drank the second cocktail.
Thus, when energy drinks are combined with alcoholic ones, they increase the desire to consume even more alcohol. Energy drinks may, therefore, increase alcohol intoxication and, as a consequence, also alcohol-related problems.

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