Electricity Power Generation for Remote Sites

Electricity Power Generation for Remote Sites

Author: ChemistryViews.org

PowerCell Sweden and Mitochondria Energy Company have signed a Letter of Intend to collaborate to develop diesel-fed fuel cell power solutions for the African market to produce electricity in remote or bad-grid sites with an average power demand of 1 – 6 kW.
A power supply unit, the PowerPac, reforms diesel into a hydrogen-rich gas, which is fed to a fuel cell to produce DC electric power. It requires minimal on-site maintenance and is operated and monitored remotely through the cellular data network. By using widely available road diesel as fuel, it will offer a cost-effective power supply solution that has no noxious emissions and a noise level kept to a minimum.

PowerCell’s PowerPac is currently under development. Mitochondria will be involved in the pre-production development and testing processes. PowerPac will be deployed for testing in South Africa and Sweden in 2015.

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