Digging Deep

Digging Deep

Author: ChemViews

A revival of interest in tunneling has followed the discovery of striking examples of tunneling in enzyme-catalyzed proton and hydrogen transfer reactions over the past 15 years. The symposium presented by Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry consists of 15 papers loosely grouped to highlight different aspects of tunneling including:

  • Primary isotope effects,
  • Proton transfer
  • Enzymatic catalysis, and
  • Tunneling in enzymes.

The symposium intends to present both an introduction and an overview of the present state of the field and as Marie Françoise Ruasse, associate editor of the journal, requested of the authors: “I hope that people will agree to contribute in a manner that is in no way similar to a full paper or even a review. What we need is their opinion, and the way in which they face the challenging story of tunneling.”

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