Mass Spectrometry in Korea

Mass Spectrometry in Korea


In 1987, the first mass spectrometer for research purposes, a VG ZAB-E, was installed in Korea. This was at Myung Soo Kim’s laboratory at the Seoul National University (SNU). The 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul increased the number of mass spectrometers in Korea, because modern analytical instruments were needed to set up the Doping Control Center (DCC) established in 1986. Since 1987, the field of mass spectrometry rapidly grew and it keeps growing.

Kim’s group emerged as one of the key laboratories in the filed and Myung Soo Kim has played a major role in the growth of mass spectrometry research in Korea. He was, for example, involved in the founding of the Korean Society for Mass Spectrometry (KSMS) in 1989.

After 35 years of tenure at SNU, Kim has retired this year. To honor his retirement and his major role in the growth of mass spectrometry research in Korea, Seung Koo Shin, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea, and former president of the KSMS, edited the Korea Regional Issue of Mass Spectrometry Reviews. With this special issue an introduction and review of the research activities related to mass spectrometry and allied topics in Korea is given.



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