Largest Specialty Gas Plants

Largest Specialty Gas Plants

Author: ChemistryViews

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. has signed a contract with Anhui Sanan OptoElectronics Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Sanan OptoElectronics, to build two on-site ammonia plants at Sanan’s new high brightness light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing facility in the Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Area, Anhui Province, China.

Each plant will be capable of supplying 2,000 t/a. The new facilities, which will supply ammonia with state-of-the-art purity to Sanan, are said to be the first and largest on-site specialty gas plants in the world.

Large volumes of NH3 are needed to provide the nitrogen source for the gallium nitride layers used in the manufacture of LEDs.

Air Products currently supplies Sanan OptoElectronics’ two other LED facilities in China.

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