More Power for US Industry

More Power for US Industry

Author: ChemistryViews

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee of the US Congress approved the bill H.R. 1322 last week. The bill seeks to change the composition and operation of expert panels that advise the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on scientific matters. Industry participation in the Science Advisory Board (SAB) would increase and the ability of the SAB panels to limit oral comments from industry lobbyists or environmental activists would be significantly weakened.

Industry organizations like the American Chemistry Council (ACC), an association of chemical manufactures, advocate this bill, while the Union of Concerned Scientists and environmental groups disapprove it.
H.R. 1422 faces a good chance of passage in the Republican-controlled House, but there is strong opposition in the Democrat-controlled Senate.
This bill is among several being considered by the Republican-controlled House aimed directly or indirectly at EPA. One example is a broader antiregulatory bill which would require Congress to approve major regulations with an annual impact on the economy of $100 million or more before they could take effect.

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