AAV Vector-Based Drugs

AAV Vector-Based Drugs

Author: ChemistryViews.org

Novasep and Advanced Biotherapeutics Consulting (ABC) announce they have entered into a CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) partnership. This enables them to provide their respective customers with the full range of services relating to Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) viral vector production.

Whilst still at the proof-of-concept stage, AAV vector-based drugs have shown promising results in several gene therapy clinical trials. AAV vectors feature several key advantages over other vectors and are seen as the technology of choice in upcoming years for treating serious genetic disorders.

Novasep brings its industrial process design, clinical and commercial manufacturing track record. ABC is skilled in viral vector design, process and analytical method developments, and early-stage production. The partnership provides Novasep customers with access to expert early-stage drug development services; this complements Novasep’s existing capacity in AAV vector development and production. For ABC, the deal is a means to further support its customers after early-stage development, when production is scaling up. For AAV drug developers, this partnership will facilitate the technology transfer from one partner to the other and, therefore, simplify and accelerate the development phase for joint customers.


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