€ 20 M for Catalysis Research

€ 20 M for Catalysis Research

Author: ChemistryViews

Süd-Chemie AG and Technische Universität München (TUM), Garching, Germany, have formed a strategic alliance for catalysis research, “Munich Catalysis” which Süd-Chemie will sponsor with up to € 2 million a year, for an initially agreed period of ten years. The research alliance is to be integrated into a new central institute for catalysis research set up by the TUM (Catalysis Research Center, CRC), based at the TUM campus.

Research will focus on identifying new ways of manufacturing basic chemicals from carbon dioxide along with ways of efficiently separating this greenhouse gas from power plant processes and reuse it in chemical production cycles. Attention will also center on new ways of creating high-grade intermediate products for plastics, i.e., olefins, without using oil.

Image: TUM President Prof. Herrmann and Dr. von Au, Chairman of the Managing Board, Süd-Chemie AG. (c) TUM

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