Olive Oil Wastewater Pretreatment with Fe(0)

Olive Oil Wastewater Pretreatment with Fe(0)

Author: ChemistryViews

Olive oil mill wastewater (OOMW) is a major source of pollution around olive oil mills as it is rich in organic substances, phenolic materials, and suspended solid matter content. Moreover, it contains high concentrations of oil. Classical biological treatment units are not sufficient for the treatment of OOMW and a pretreatment process is required.

Celalettin Özdemir and co-workers, Selcuk University, Turkey, have investigated the use of conventional Fenton (CFP) using Fe2+ and Fenton type processes (FTP) with Fe0 for the pretreatment of OOMW. The optimal operational conditions were determined as:

For CFP:

  • [Fe2+] = 1500 mg L−1,
  • [H2O2] = 1750 mg L−1,
  • pH = 4.6

For FTP:

  • [Fe0] = 2000 mg L−1,
  • [H2O2] = 2000 mg L−1,
  • pH = 3

Both methods were determined to be effective pretreatments for raw OOMW, removing over 62 % of phenol and reducing chemical oxygen demand by over 80 %.

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