How Resilient is Your Supply Chain?

How Resilient is Your Supply Chain?


Supply chains become increasingly global, interdependent, and complex. This makes their effective management more challenging. Supply chain risk is a major cause of business vulnerability.

FM Global Resilience Index ranks the resilience of 130 countries and territories to supply chain disruption. The Index is produced annually. Online, users can compare countries against one another. It helps to explore key supply chain risks and to become aware of critical weaknesses to better select suppliers, site facilities, evaluate established supply chains, etc.

It gives users ranks and scores on nine drivers affecting the resilience of a country to supply chain disruption. These include GDP per capita, political risk, oil intensity, exposure to natural hazards, quality of natural hazard risk management, and fire risk management, as well as control of corruption, quality of infrastructure, and local suppliers. Scores for each driver are combined into the three factors economic, risk quality, and supply chain. The Index relies on vetted data from sources such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Economic Forum, as well as FM Global’s database of more than 100,000 insured locations.

This year, Switzerland takes the top place in the ranking. Norway dropped to second place, due to declining oil prices. These are followed, in descending order, by Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, the central United States, Canada, Australia, and Denmark.


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