Speed & Focus for BAFS’s Research

Speed & Focus for BAFS’s Research

Author: Vera Koester

BASF is in its 151st year. The history of the company is an impressive story of great major chemical innovations in a constant process of changes. The environment, the technological progress, and the focus of research have all changed constantly.

At yesterday’s BASF Research Press Conference held at the company’s headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Dr. Martin Brudermüller, Vice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors and Chief Technology Officer, said that the ability to innovate and to re-adjust lies in the company’s DNA. Today, more than ever, innovations are needed to secure the growth and profitability of the BASF. His key message was that the company will further speed up and focus its research and development activities. They will be more selective in choosing their R&D portfolio and want to better synchronize processes. Brudermüller sees intelligently combining the company’s global Research and Development Verbund with external networks and creating an atmosphere within the company which fosters creativity as key success factors.

The foundation of the company’s innovation strength is its global R&D team of around 10,000 researchers and developers. This international and highly qualified team from various disciplines works in three global research platforms: Process Research & Chemical Engineering, Advanced Materials & Systems Research, and Bioscience Research, headquartered in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. Together with the development units of the divisions, they form the core of BASF’s Know-How Verbund.

Ludwigshafen (including Limburgerhof) is the largest site in BASF’s Research Verbund with around 4,900 employees working in R&D. The company just invested in a new research building called B007. It creates workspaces and cooperation conditions for around 200 employees in the platform Advanced Materials & Systems Research. The laboratories and offices in the seven-storey building account for a total surface area of approximately 11,000 m2. The construction costs amount to around €50 million.


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