Recycling Multi-Layer Packaging

Recycling Multi-Layer Packaging


Flexible barrier packaging is challenging to recycle due to the variety of materials generally used as part of its makeup. DOW introduces a technology, which enables the recyclability of polyethylene-based barrier packaging as part of existing grocery store drop-off recycling programs. The recyclable pouches use RETAIN™ Polymer Modifiers as resin compatibilizers to allow polyethylene and ethylene vinyl alcohol to be reprocessed together to create a useful recycled film.

With the new technology, converters will have the ability to produce recyclable packaging with ingredients that ensure barrier protection, along with stiffness, toughness and sealability of the package.

This technology is a new member of Dow’s recently launched RecycleReady™ Technology. Created through collaboration with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and other industry members, Dow’s RecycleReady™ Technology helps converters create barrier pouches that answer consumer demand for more recyclable packaging options. RecycleReady™ Technology in North America has been approved by the SPC’s How2Recycle program to use the Store Drop-Off label. Plastic film, wrap, and bags carrying the Store Drop-Off label can be recycled at participating local retail and grocery stores.


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