High-Throughput Screening for Cellulase

High-Throughput Screening for Cellulase

Author: ChemistryViews

A high-throughput and online analysis technique for use with insoluble cellulase has been described by Jochen Büchs and colleagues, Aachen, Germany. Three different substrates were tested using a commercial cellulase preparation. The activity was quantified using the BioLector technique, which measures scattered light intensities in a continuously shaken microtiter plate.

The authors determined cellulase/cellulose ratios for optimal processing and the ideal pH for maximum cellulase activity. They show for the first time that high-throughput scattered light measurements can be used for monitoring the non-hydrolytic effect of cellulases on insoluble cellulose.

This new platform will accelerate fundamental research on cellulase screening. The hydrolysis of cellulose, a renewable resource for production of biofuels and chemicals, to glucose is currently the rate-limiting and most expensive processing step.

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