Immunity Against Cocaine High

Immunity Against Cocaine High

Author: ChemistryViews

Based on the concept that anticocaine antibodies could prevent inhaled cocaine from reaching its target receptors in the brain, an effective anticocaine vaccine could help reverse cocaine addiction. A team led by Ronald Crystal, Weill Cornell Medical College, USA, has covalently linking a cocaine analog to the capsid proteins of a noninfectious adenovirus, a common cold virus, to produce a long-lasting vaccine against the high of cocaine. The vaccine suppresses the stimulant effects of the drug by preventing cocaine from reaching the brain rather than interfering with the neurological targets of the drug. The vaccine has been tested on mice, showing effects lasting for at least 13 weeks, the longest time point evaluated for this approach.

Since the vaccine will not require multiple expensive infusions, the researchers hope that it can move quickly into human trials. The approach could also be useful in treating other addictions, such as to nicotine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

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