Directing Biosynthesis VII

The conference aims to bring together established and early-career researchers, post-graduate students and industry scientists to network and share the latest research on the various aspects of biosynthesis. This event will also provide careers consultations for all meeting attendees from a professional advisor for the Royal Society of Chemistry. 


Selected Speakers

  • Christine Beemelmanns, Saarland University, Germany
  • Greg Challis, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Lou Charkoudian, Haverford College, United States
  • Jon Clardy, Harvard Medical School, United States
  • Fumitaka Kudo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Marnix Medema, Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Anne Osbourn, John Innes Centre, United Kingdom
  • Eriko Takano, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Christian Hertweck, Hans Knöll Institut, Germany
  • Tiangang Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • Stephen Wallace, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom



  • Genetics, enzymology and structural biology of natural product biosynthesis
  • Genome and microbiome mining, microbiome engineering
  • Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering
  • Chemical ecology and computational approaches for assessing natural products/enzyme functional diversity
  • Industrial applications of natural products and biosynthetic enzymes


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