Finnish Energy Companies to Develop an Industrial Hydrogen Valley

Finnish Energy Companies to Develop an Industrial Hydrogen Valley

Author: ChemistryViews

Neste, Gasgrid Finland, Helen, and Vantaa Energy have initiateed preliminary studies on developing an industrial hydrogen hub in the Uusimaa region in Finland. The region of Uusimaa encompasses Helsinki, Finland’s capital and largest city, as well as the surrounding Greater Helsinki area. Uusimaa is the most populous region in Finland.

The hub aims to integrate infrastructure for the storage, transmission, and distribution of renewable hydrogen, serving both hydrogen producers and consumers. The studies also focus on exploring opportunities for sector integration. The production of renewable hydrogen generates substantial amounts of renewable heat that can be used in district heating systems.

To ensure the competitiveness of the Finnish hydrogen economy on a global scale, cost-effective solutions for hydrogen transmission and storage are crucial. The feasibility of various options for hydrogen transmission and storage will be evaluated as the initial steps towards establishing a well-functioning hydrogen market.

Gasgrid Finland is a Finnish state-owned natural gas transmission system operator. It emphasizes their role in developing a hydrogen pipeline that connects hydrogen producers and consumers.

Helen plans to establish large-scale hydrogen production at the Vuosaari power plant area in Helsinki. Additionally, the company is awaiting a funding decision from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment for their 3H2 demonstration project. 3H2 (Helsinki Hydrogen Hub) combines zero emissions with the four uses of hydrogen: electricity, transport, heating, and energy storage. A unique feature of the plant is the capability to convert hydrogen back into electricity with a fuel cell (Power-to-H2-to-Power) and by that balance the electricity grid.

Furthermore, Helen is exploring the possibility of carbon capture, utilization, and storage in the new Vuosaari bioenergy heating plant.



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