French Industrial Chemistry Symposium (FICS 2024)

French Industrial Chemistry Symposium (FICS 2024)

The symposium aims to bring together scientists involved in sustainable chemistry from industrial companies, spanning a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutics, agrochemicals, perfumes, etc.

Aims at strengthening the links between the industrial and academic worlds and offers to participants, and especially students, the opportunity for networking. Chemistry is a key science in these professions and is helped by the development of new technologies. The purpose of this symposium is to unravel certain aspects of these multidisciplinary professions. Graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to participate through poster sessions and will be given the opportunity to build a solid network and to learn about the careers that industries propose.


 Selected Speakers

  • Hélène Adihou, EuroAPI, France 
    Advances in peptide synthesis with green chemistry and cutting edge technologie
  •  Kevin Antien, TÜV SüD, Switzerland
  •  Antony Bigot, Route Scouting Specialist, Sanofi
     Eco-design of Synthesis at Sanofi
  •  Florian Cardon, Chief Business Officer, Samabriva
     Samabriva’s precision biomanufacturing platform – Industrializing hairy root-based expression system to overcome geopolitical, public health and environmental challenges.
  •  Guillaume Gauron, Corning, France 
    Flow Chemistry: TBA
  • Roman Lagoutte, Spirochem, Switzerland
    Route Scouting at SpiroChem : bridging between MedChem and API  manufacture
  • NN, Oril Industrie, France
    Flow Chemistry: TBA

 Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Laurent Petit, EuroAPI, France
  • Michael Parmentier, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Philippe Mackiewicz, OTECI, France
  • Fanny Coumes, Sorbonne Université, France
  • Morgan Donnard, Université de Strasbourg, France 
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