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Author: Vera Köster, Jasmin Herr, Johanna Rath

Professor Rainer Herges, University of Kiel, Germany, was awarded the Adolf von Baeyer Memorial Medal by the German Chemical Society (GDCh) at the GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie (WiFo 2023) in Leipzig, Germany, held in September 2023.

Rainer Herges was honored for his many original, fundamental, and internationally outstanding contributions that have shaped organic chemistry. His research spans several areas such as switchable molecular magnets, molecular assemblers, switchable self-assembled surfaces, Möbius aromatics, visualization of aromaticity, computer-aided discovery of chemical reactions, molecular electronics/spintronics, and photopharmacology. Rainer Herges’ work spans theory, synthesis, and application. He has pioneered machine learning-based methods for predicting novel chemical transformations.


We met him in Leipzig and talked about the start of his career, the concept of changing one’s research focus every ten years to maintain creativity, and his thoughts on AI and young researchers.

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