Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2023

The event covers a range of chemistry and chemical engineering disciplines. 


  • Actinide Chemistry and Separations for Nuclear Energy
  • Advances in Asphalt Materials and Characterization
  • Chemistry of Psychedelics
  • CO2 Chemistry at the Nexus of Energy, Materials, and Environmental Sustainability
  • Fermentation Science
  • Frontiers in Computational Modeling of Energy Materials
  • Innovation at the Extended Value Chain: Enablers of Circular Economy
  • Ionic Liquids for Sustainable Technologies
  • Next-Generation Materials for Electrochemical Energy
  • Novel Materials for Catalysis
  • Polymer Chemistry and Materials
  • Recent Developments of the CORE-CM and Carbon Engineering Projects in Wyoming and the Region
  • Renewable Materials from Biopolymers
  • Spectroscopy Meets Chemical Dynamics
  • Methane: Useful Fuel and Feedstock, but Potent Greenhouse Gas
  • Chemical Testing
  • Chemistry for Enabling Energy-Efficient Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Awards Presemted at the Event

  • Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for advancing diversity in the chemical sciences
  • The ACS Division of Chemical Education (CHED) Award for excellence in high school teaching
  • Partners for Progress and Prosperity Regional Award for encouraging and recognizing successful and exemplary partnerships between industry, academia, the government, small businesses, etc. within the region
  • E. Ann Nalley Award for volunteer service to the American Chemical Society
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