SCI 2024 – XXVIII National Congress

SCI 2024 – XXVIII National Congress

The most important chemistry event in Italy; the theme of the event is “Chemistry: Elements of Future”.

The event will discuss the key role that chemistry plays in meeting the challenges of sustainable development: circular economy, environmental preservation, climate change mitigation, energy solutions, health protection, and guiding the transition to the economy and society of the future. The congress will bring together leading national and international chemists representing a wide range of sectors including research, education, industry, and academia.

An exciting new addition to SCI 2024 is the large exhibition area, which will provide an opportunity to explore innovative technical solutions in a variety of areas. This platform provides an opportunity to make valuable connections with industry experts and publishers.

Another special feature is that the event will integrate science and the arts in various ways. Examples include a play about women and the periodic table, environmental advocacy through science and jazz music, and 15 thematic sessions on topics like cultural heritage preservation, general chemistry, and relevant real-life cases. See below for more details.



Nobel Lecture

  • Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize Chemistry 1987, Université de Strasbourg (FR)

Plenary Lectures

  • Lia Addadi, Weizmann Institute of Science (IL)
  • Damià Barceló Cullerès, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, Barcelona (ES)
  • Marine Cotte, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) & CNRS (FR)
  • Laura Gagliardi, University of Chicago, IL (USA)
  • Ingo Hartung, Merck Healthcare – Global Head of Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design, (DE)
  • Marco Leona, Head of the Department of Scientific Research, Metropolitan Museum of Art di New York, NY (USA)
  • Arumuham Manthiram, University of Texas, Austin, TX (USA)
  • Christa E. Müller; Universitaet Bonn (DE)
  • Eric Scerri, UCLA, CA (US)
  • Michele Vendruscolo, University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Margherita Venturi, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (IT

and others


Science and the Arts

The event will integrate science and the arts in various ways. Examples include:

  • A play about women and the periodic table
  • The final of a competition for young musicians to compose soundtracks for scientific films
  • Environmental advocacy through science and jazz music
  • Parallel Thematic Sessions: The 15 thematic sessions on topics with discussions of general chemistry and real-life cases include:

1. Advanced monitoring, imaging, and sensing
2. Environmental protection
3. Clean energy
4. Health
5. Cultural heritage
6. Industry and technology transfer
7. Catalysis
8. Chemical education, communication, and outreach
9. Artificial intelligence and modeling
10. Green chemistry for the circular economy
11. Inclusion, equity, diversity, and ethics
12. Chemistry at the life science interface
13. Smart materials
14. Food
15. New reactions


For more details, click the link in the blue button and check the organizer’s website.


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