13 artists and research chemists will be exhibiting their work in a series of art / science hybrid exhibition.

Although these different fields of enquiry are normally thought of as distinct, they can often resonate in terms of their ideas and methods of production. There will be exhibits on display that cover medical applications, the chemistry of detection, the exploration of the nano-world and the role of myth and dream in the inspiration of ideas. The participants range from established artists and professors of chemistry to recent graduates and Ph.D. researchers. All of them are keen to engage with the public about their sources of inspiration.

The intention of the exhibition is to inform, educate, and entertain about the diverse projects here on display. Although the event is in the form of a visual landscape, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn about the research that both the artists and the chemists are engaged in. There will be printed material to assist the visitor in this regard, and guides on site to answer questions.


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